Thursday, November 10

  • Peer to Peer Sessions
  • ERL Program
  • DISC Training
  • Senior Leader Forum
  • House of Friendship
  • Trails to Peace Mix and Mingle

Friday, November 11 (Veterans Day)

Saturday, November 12

Sunday, November 13

  • Tabernacle Choir Performance at Temple Square
  • Hands of Project (weather permitting)

This is a tentative agenda, and subject to change.


Sessions are divided into 8 tracks below. See end of this listing for a thumbnail view of the schedule.


  • Peace in our Communities. — What can Rotarians do to help develop community solutions to challenging issues? How does your role as a proactive voice, still show compassion to those affected?
  • Trails To Global Peace: Peace Scholars — How can we embrace and empower the Global Peace Scholar program within our communities? Our peace scholars are doing important peace work around the globe. How do we tap these resources?
  • Youth: Our Key To Future Peace — Traditions have defined our current club culture. How can we transform ourselves into clubs that truly embrace diversity by empowering a stronger understanding of our youth and their vision of our communities— respecting and embracing their voices in new program development?
  • Moving your Rotary Family To A New Trail Towards Peace — A discussion of success in motivating our Rotary families to explore new trails that might lead to new opportunities that foster peace in our communities. How to better create a sense of belonging and the idea of “if you can dream it, we can do it.”
  • Passion For Peace: To Action — From passion to action –Sharing the how and why a passion drives your engagement. What projects have mobilized peace efforts locally and/or globally?


  • Hands On Projects: Our Role in Environmental Change — What can we do to help in the fundamental issue of environmental change within our communities? How can we create meaningful community activities as individuals and/or groups to demonstrate we are making a difference as People of Action through low cost ‘hands on’ projects?
  • Food Security Awareness: Strategies for Your Community — What projects have we tried to help reach the most vulnerable sectors of our community through food? How are we reaching out as partners to the homeless, elderly, low income, and children without meals at schools who need our assistance?
  • Disaster Support: Engagement for Stronger Communities — Positioning ourselves to be ready to respond to disaster relief. A discussion to explore long term programs for disaster response as Rotarians. What will be your role, your legacy, your responsibility in helping those that are affected?


  • India’s Success in Growing Rotary — Part 1 — (Presentation) RI Director Mahesh Kotbagi will share information about the tremendous growth in membership in India. Share his strategies and wisdom. (presented by RI Director Mahesh Kotbagi)
  • India’s Success in Growing Rotary — Part 2 — (Questions, Answers, Ideas…)
    RI Director Mahesh Kotbagi will guide discussion about the tremendous growth in membership in India. (RID Mahesh Kotbagi)
  • New Club Channels, an innovation for club chartering — Part 1 — (Presentation)
  • New channels to starting new clubs. Part one explains the structure of the program and the success experienced by PDG Ramesh Hariharan from the San Francisco Bay area. How did Ramesh charter a new club of over 200 members? (presented by Ramesh Hariharan)
  • New Club Channels, an innovation for club chartering — Part 2 — (discussion) This second session is a follow-up to Ramesh’s presentation. We invite peer discussion which will enable sharing — how to make it work in your community and district. (Ramesh Hariharan)
  • Inspiring AGs to Plant the Seeds of Rotary — Assistant Governors often have their finger on the pulse of their clubs and the needs clubs may have. How can they assist in our efforts to grow our membership through new Rotary Clubs?
  • Virtual? Hybrid? or Combo? — Moving beyond a video screen to truly engage our virtual participants. What will be new formats for our gatherings that will keep everyone involved and engaged in the discussions?
  • Growing Rotary Through Cause Based Clubs — How to gather together Rotarians that prefer non-traditional settings. Now is our time to adapt—how can we create clubs that enable like-minded Rotarians to meet in unique formats or settings?
  • ExpertHub —Do you need ideas, background, or specialized expertise to help with a Rotary project or event? Do you serve in a Rotary position and just wish you had a knowledgeable and experienced Rotarian to consult? Then ExpertHub is for you! This new Zones 26/27 initiative matches specialists with Rotary Members regardless of their position or time in Rotary on an “as needed and requested basis.” If you have questions about Rotary or are interested in sharing your Rotary or vocational expertise this is a must attend session. (presented by RID Daniel Himelspach)



  • Win-Win: Rotary Partnerships — How do we maximize resources, talents, and time through community partnerships that expand our reach and impact in our local and global communities?
  • TRF: The Anatomy of a Global Grant (presentation) — Global grants help extend the reach of every Rotary club. Extend your club’s reach through TRF grant programs by beginning with the end in mind. Dissect your grant project and then reconstruct it step by step. With each
    step, leverage the right resources to assemble a successful grant project, get the application approved in record time, and execute the project to meet or exceed your objectives.
  • TRF: Using Your Data and Creative Fundraising to Increase TRF Giving (presentation) — Take a lesson from the experts on filtering and sorting your data to reveal giving opportunities that are easily within reach. Increase contributions using successful and proven programs that will work for your District and Clubs. Specialists share their experience and share the details for you to follow. Choose the ones that will best fit your needs!
  • Endowment and Major Gifts: Reaching Donors — How do we promote our TRF and position ourselves to reach out to those donors who wish to leave a significant legacy to The Rotary Foundation?


  • People Of Action – Food Security—This session is intended for participants who attended the ‘Food Security’ Summit and those interested in the topic. There will be a brief summation of the topic and open dialogue as a follow-up. All are welcome to join the conversation.
  • People Of Action – Stop Human Trafficking —This session is intended for participants who attended the ‘Stop Human Trafficking’ Summit and those interested in the topic. There will be a brief summation of the topic and open dialogue as a follow-up. All are welcome to join the conversation.
  • People Of Action – Healthy Soils—This session is intended for participants who attended the ‘Healthy Soils Summit and those interested in the topic. There will be a brief summation of the topic and open dialogue as a follow-up. All are welcome to join the conversation.
  • People Of Action – From Source to Sea—This session is intended for participants who attended the ‘From Source to Sea’ Summit and those interested in the topic. There will be a brief summation of the topic and open dialogue as a follow-up. All are welcome to join the conversation.


  • Leadership Skill Development — How do we become more articulate, inspirational, and engaging as we lead our clubs or Districts. Leadership is a trail to both giving and gaining: what skills and competence can you develop as a Rotary leader?
  • Robust Rotary Leadership (Presentation) — Part 1 — This is a two part information session and interactive discussion focused on developing a dynamic and engaging approach to leadership in your Rotary club. (presented by PDG Jerry Hall)
  • Robust Rotary Leadership (Presentation) — Part 2 — An interactive session focused on developing a dynamic and engaging approach to leadership in your Rotary club. (presented by PDG Jerry Hall)
  • Sharing our Rotary Stories — Learning how to share your unique Rotary Experience in a compelling way that inspires and motivate others to celebrate and join Rotary! Our stories infuse us with a sense of possibility.
  • Listening: A Powerful Tool — How can we as Rotarians deepen our ability to truly listen. As post covid brings us back together, how will we address issues that challenge our communities in growing Rotary. What does it mean, how are we addressing these issues in our clubs, our outreach, and our youth programs?


  • Empowering Girls and Women in Rotary — Rotary opens doors for dynamic leadership. How can we foster further leadership opportunities for girls and women in our Rotary clubs?
  • Increasing ENGAGEMENT: Rotary Clubs Post COVID — What are the tools, resources and inspiration that have allowed some clubs to be vibrant and grow during COVID? What can we adopt and adapt from what we have just learned?
  • Growing Rotary: Reconnecting With Alumni of Youth Programs — Have we truly explored the full resources of Rotary to reconnect with our youth programs like RYLA, Youth Exchange, Interact and Rotaract to attract future members? Are we reaching out to youth who have experienced the positive impact of our programs at some stage in their lives—and would like to become People of Action as adults?
  • Conflict Resolution through Rotary Leadership (Presentation) — Learn more about the root causes of conflict and explore means through which Rotary is able to provide support and leadership development. (presented by Phil Silvers)
  • Power of Connection Through Rotaract, Interact and other Rotary Youth Programs — How can we do a better job of connecting and growing our Rotaract and Interact programs post COVID? As schools struggle with priorities and hybrid learning, how can Rotary stay a part of the educational process to grow future leaders?


  • Your Passion: Motivation to Find My Passion — Passion is an emotional journey that can inspire others to embark on theirs. Let’s share new project ideas that your Rotary club can or has initiated because of the vision of one or a group of Rotarians!
  • Afghan Refugee Aid: A Success Story (Presentation) — Be inspired to learn about how over 800 Afghan refugees have been welcomed and housed.
  • DEI: A Welcoming Club Culture — How do we truly transform our clubs to be inclusive of all community members regardless or ethnicity, gender orientation, religion or interests? How do we make our clubs more reflective of our home communities in a welcoming club culture?
  • Reaching our Homeless — Our communities are grappling with a growing homelessness dilemma. How can we consolidate skills and leadership to provide direction through practical solutions?
  • Mental Health: Supporting Our Vulnerable — How can Rotarians be catalysts for change to ensure that we are reaching out to provide resources and support for a growing population who suffer from mental health challenges?