IMAGINE PEACE – A Rotary World Café

Date: Saturday, November 12
Location: Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City
Cost: None (Included in Registration)

You are invited to IMAGINE PEACE – A Rotary World Café.

A world café experience is an inclusive conversation, facilitated in a relaxed interpersonal setting, whereby we can as Rotarians discover and graphically record our collective intelligence.  Have you ever noticed that as you talk to other Rotarians in a group how stories and experiences tend to grow into incredible ideas?

The Rotary World Café will be held and led by three world renowned experts in the field of creative dialogue.  So often we do not take the time in Rotary to sit together and have meaningful conversation around topics that are deeply important to us. On Saturday morning we will spend three hours exploring the subject of peace in a café setting, while our hosts and a graphic recorder help us gather the collective wisdom in the room.

Everyone’s voice matters. The future of our organization is directly related to the quality of our conversations. For every step into the future, someone or some group had to wonder what the possibilities might be for change. We are excited to offer this opportunity to all Rotarians to wonder about questions that seem to have no answers.  Join us to IMAGINE PEACE.

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