Human Trafficking

Come to San Diego, California, to learn more about what human trafficking looks like in our own communities and what we can do to help prevent it. Rotarians throughout our paired zones will develop actionable plans that we can all use to amplify our work as People of Action.

People of Action Summit – Human Trafficking – San Diego, California

October 1, 2022


Human Trafficking worldwide is the second largest criminal activity, second only to drugs. Whether labor or sexual trafficking, it is in every corner of the United States and your community is not immune to it rearing its ugly head. As Rotarians, we need to be at the forefront of combatting this modern-day form of human slavery. Come away with knowledge of what is in your own backyard but take home a play book to your district or club that will give you ways to become involved.

Registration Fee: $50 in -person $50 – virtual Zone watch parties